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Whats good peeps! You know the drill, you know damn well why IM HERE! So Imma keep it short, tiddies, ass, and more ass and tiddies with other goodies!


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Posted by Jyto56 - March 25th, 2019

New Prices are up, had to do some major changes and some may not like and others will be ok and in between but the old prices were VERY outdated.

This will be the official price chart if any questions or interests message me as per usual.



Posted by Jyto56 - December 22nd, 2018

Here's my general rule on everything I do

Art Request
- I’m not obligated to do them, you can throw them at me, but its not guaranteed that I will get around to em. However do be patient cause that doesn’t mean I wont do them. Remember I dont get paid for these.

- Give me a straight forward answer. I rather it not be complicated with so much info to read. (Example: Greninja x mawile) If you want to add detail on it you can, but if it feels too confusing or somewhat of a hassle I’ll just go with my better judgement on how to go about it.

- Like I said before I can do these in any order and that way I dont feel forced to do them. I gotta feel like I want to do them, like I’ll have fun doing em. You guys are curious to see how it will come out so at least I wanna feel right at home in drawing them. OC’s are commission only

- Art request are fun, but they can get in the way of me drawing other stuff which is why I put them to the side to do other things, so I can put my own thoughts on what I wanted to draw. (Example: Team Skull grunts)

Overall I want to feel like doing these request while at the same time pacing myself in giving room for other things as well. Don’t ask me when I’ll draw *blank* if I already said, “I will get around to em“ cause that already makes me not want to do more.

You can use my curiouscat at https://curiouscat.me/Jyto_Yukumaza as a replacement of the tumblr Ask box

- I had mentioned before, but just so we’re clear that commissions will always be first to be done, thats just business.

- I keep about 5 slots open for commissions that way its enough for some people who are interested. I only accept up to 3 different sketches per commissioner and the details must be kept short and simple NOT AN ESSAY! References are nice as well to provide always.

- Here are the prices
- sketch ~ $15
- line-art ~ $20
- colored ~ $30
- background ~ depends on the complexity
- additional characters just adds to the price
- 2-3~ +$10 (if 2 its still 10, but not for each)
- 4+~ +$5 (each, cause more characters means more time on it)
- Miniseries are a flat 40$ unless you add a 3rd character you want drawn
example - pikachu, temmie, AND shyguy (random characters for backgrounds/orgies wont count)

- payment method - PayPal

 commission completion time..
- usually a week or two, it also depends if I have others before yours.

- OC’s can be drawn and if you want me to draw yours with another belonging to another then please be sure to ask the artist if its ok with them. (show proof if you can)

- Asking for a comic commission is a no go sadly, too much time to spend on even for one page.

- When do you pay me? After the work is complete. Gotta make sure if yah like it or not.

Art Trade

- OC for an OC, cause its fair to do. (An eye for an eye)

- Art trades are a tier lower from commissions since they too dont pay as well.

- For me I’d like to make sure the other person has done their fair share of work before showing mines. (example: I drew their oc but they didnt do mines) hence the it’s a one sided trade. Be fair and respectful about it.

- I hold up to 3 slots for the trade, meaning 1 sketch per person.

- Always remember to ask nicely about a trade.

Things I WONT Do
- Guro/gore
- pregnant/bloated
- scat/urine
- loli
- old wrinkled aged

All these rules needed to be addressed since there has been an increase of new people not knowing what to expect or waltz right in ask away for certain things I already explained about. But hey thats ok Im not bashing you for it, you dont know any better so at least I should explain these things to you.

You guys are awesome and thats a fact cause we’re all humans here and there are things that cant be rushed. Hope you all understand all this far and are patient, but even if you aren’t I sadly cant help with that nor rushing me to do certain things will help either. Overall thanks for hearing me out!

Any questions just ask

Posted by Jyto56 - December 11th, 2018

My wacom intous pro tablet's battery not only dead but can no longer charge either, I cant use any cable with the tablet since the usb port is unresponsive. So its nearly paper weight at this point but I'll be using a small back up tablet to do my remaining work till I get a new battery for it.3390136_154456059152_images10_2.jpg

Posted by Jyto56 - November 20th, 2018

After the whole tumblr incidet happened and my account got terminated (for now) I'm not fully sure if I'll even get it back. Since thats the case me and many others are gonna be working on other pages including here too, so more work of all sorts will be posted here! Look forward to future work!